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Lost Judgment: How to Find the Gambling Hall Code

Time for a more traditional way to waste money.

Yokohama’s infamous gambling hall won’t open its doors unless you find its hidden Gambling Hall code. Unlike most access and locations you’ll unlock organically through progressing the story such as the skateboard or items you can find lying around like the rare beehives, the Gambling Hall code is a bit more off the beaten path. Without a guide like this, you’d maybe bump into it after running around for quite a while but luckily AOTF can save you the hassle. Here’s everything we know on how to find the gambling hall code in Lost Judgment.

How to Find the Gambling Hall Code in Lost Judgment

To find the gambling hall code in Lost Judgment, you’ll need to eavesdrop on the two men talking about the hall in Fukutoku Park. They will reveal how to figure out the code with two hints and you’ll be able to work it out once you head back to the hall’s keypad. Don’t worry though, below we have the two hints if you’d like to solve it yourself as well as the code if you want to skip that headache.

A Little Tease

If you’re looking to solve this mystery for yourself, here are the two hints provided by the men. As a little hint from AOTF, think of what they are providing you in terms of a keypad or touch-tone phone where you would enter a code or phone number into. Perhaps the hints are actually meant to be worked in a different direction…

Hint 1 – Press 2 to the left, 2 up, 1 to the right, then down 3 times.


Hint 2 – The last number is 0.


Skip All That Nonsense

For those not wanting to solve the code themselves, see below for the code to the gambling hall in all of its glory.

The gambling hall code is 7120. After entering it, hit the ENT (enter) button and the door will unlock with a slightly enthusiastic comment from Yagami. Congrats!

Lost Judgment is available now for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Check back for more Lost Judgment guides as we come up with them!

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