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Lost Judgment: Where to Find Beehives

Hope you're not allergic.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Lost Judgment then making extracts with Iyama is the way to go – unfortunately, he wants beehives for some of his best stuff. Extracts enhance all sorts of things and can really give you the edge in battle when playing on the higher difficulties the game has to offer. While most required crafting materials are plentiful and you’ll end up with more than you know what to do with, beehives are a lot rarer commodity. Here’s everything we know on Where to find beehives in Lost Judgment.

Where to Find Beehives in Lost Judgment

To find beehives in Lost Judgment, you’ll either need to purchase them from one of the two vendors or take your chances on getting lucky with them spawning in the streets of Yokohama. We personally recommend going with the purchase strategy to avoid wasting too much time as spawns are very random. Here are some more in-depth details on where to get your beehives.

Fight some dudes, get some hives

As mentioned, we found the most efficient way of getting Beehives is by purchasing them. They’ll cost 1300 Yen as a base when purchasing from Yi Xing Tang’s store located in Chinatown – Yokohama (the east side) or Komai in the north of Seiryo High School. Since this does add up depending on how many beehives you’ll need for each extract, it’s time to fight some dudes to get some cash. Plates (paper, iron, gold, etc) drop from enemies and can be sold to anyone willing to take them. Other items you find through spawns littered around the city can also be sold, just be sure to read the tooltip to see if it’s a crafting material or just can be sold for cash for some easy money.

Lost Judgment is available now for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Check back for more Lost Judgment guides as we come up with them!


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