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Madden 20 How to Do Team Celebrations After Scoring

There are some funny team celebrations this year.


There are multiple celebrations that you can do in Madden 20 after scoring a touchdown.  Depending on which direction you flick the right stick once you’re in the endzone, you will do different things.  There are signature celebrations, swagger celebrations, and spike celebrations, but our favorites are the new team celebrations which get everyone involved.

Just like the real NFL Madden 20 allows you to celebrate with your teammates after scoring a touchdown.  Once you’re in the endzone after scoring you’ll see an icon come up and prompt you to press a direction to celebrate.  You’ll only find the team celebrations through trial and error so if you want to see the team celebrations every time, just hit up on the right stick when prompted and you will see a different team celebration.

How to do Team Celebrations Madden 20

Press up on the right stick after scoring.

Alongside taunting your opponents on the way to the endzone, there are certainly plenty of ways to rub it in your opponents face when you score or make a big defensive play.

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