Madden NFL 23 Early Access Challenges: How to Earn Free Madden Coins

Get a headstart in MUT this year!

by Diego Perez


Madden NFL 23 is now live in early access with a special set of early access challenges for EA Play subscribers and All Madden Edition owners. These challenges will only be available for a certain amount of time before the general public gets access to the football fields on Friday, August 19, but football fans who complete them in time can earn over 20,000 Madden Coins for free. That’s a perfect way to kickstart your Madden Ultimate Team roster, giving you a headstart over the competition when everyone else comes online later in the week. Here’s everything you need to know about the early access challenges in Madden NFL 23, including how to claim your Madden Coin rewards.

All Early Access Challenges in Madden NFL 23

There are 10 challenges to complete during the early access period of Madden NFL 23. Each of them has a main objective and multiple optional objectives that reward additional stars. If you get enough stars across all 10 challenges, you’ll earn large sums of Madden Coins as a bonus.


23 For You!

The first challenge is quite simple, all you have to do to complete it is gain 23 yards in the single drive. You will get bonus stars if you gain 23 yards within the first 5 plays and gain 10 yards by rushing.

  • Objective: Gain 23+ yards this drive
  • Bonus: Rush for 10+ yards
  • Bonus: Gain 23+ yards in 5 plays

Winning It All

All you have to do to complete this challenge is score a single touchdown, but you can get more stars if you score with a pass and gain 5 or more yards by rushing.

  • Objective: Score a touchdown this drive
  • Bonus: Score a passing touchdown
  • Bonus: Get 5+ rushing yards this drive

Dr. Jekyll?

Now it’s time for some defense. To finish this challenge, you have to prevent the other team from scoring a passing touchdown. If you prevent them from rushing 23 or more yards or stop them from scoring at all, you’ll get more stars.

  • Objective: Don’t allow a passing touchdown this drive
  • Bonus: Don’t allow more than 23 rushing yards
  • Bonus: Don’t allow a touchdown

12 and 23

For this challenge, you’re back on offense. You have to gain at least 23 yards in less than 6 plays. To get more stars, you have to complete the objective in4 plays or less and complete a pass within the first 2 plays.

  • Objective: Gain 23+ passing yards in 6 plays or less
  • Bonus: Gain the 23+ passing yards in 4 plays or less
  • Bonus: Complete a pass in 2 plays

Going the Distance

To complete this challenge, all you have to do is score 3 points. You’ll get bonus points if you pass for at least 23 yards and rush for more than 10 yards.

  • Objective: Score 3+ points this drive
  • Bonus: Pass for 23+ yards
  • Bonus: Rush for 10+ yards


This challenge is all about perfecting your offensive game. You not only have to get a first down during this drive, but also score a touchdown as well. For bonus points, you can gain more than 5 yards during the first play and rush for at least 5 yards during the drive.

  • Objective: Get a first down this drive
  • Objective: Score a touchdown this drive
  • Bonus: Gain 5+ yards in your first play
  • Bonus: Rush for 5+ yards

23 MPH

Speed is the name of the game here. To complete this challenge, you have to score a touchdown while rushing. To get additional stars, you have to rush for over 23 yards within the first 6 plays and get at least 2 first downs during this drive.

  • Objective: Score a rushing TD this drive
  • Bonus: Rush fo r23+ yards in 6 plays
  • Bonus: Get 2+ first downs

Stop the Offense!

This challenge puts you back on defense. To complete it, you need to prevent the other team from scoring a touchdown. Better defense, like not allowing them more than 23 yards and preventing them from passing on the first play, will earn more stars.

  • Objective: Don’t allow a touchdown this drive
  • Bonus: Don’t allow more than 23 yards
  • Bonus: Don’t allow any passing yards in the first play

23 Years in the Making

Nearing the end of the list, this challenge requires you to score a touchdown. For full credit, you have to pass for more than 60 yards and pass for over 20 yards within the first 3 plays.

  • Objective: Score a touchdown this drive
  • Bonus: Pass for 60+ yards this drive
  • Bonus: Pass for 20+ yards in 3 plays

The Early Bird Special

It all comes down to this. All you have to do here is win the game. For the best performance, however, you have to score 7 points and prevent the other team from scoring in the process.

  • Objective: Win the game
  • Bonus: Score 7+ points
  • Bonus: Don’t allow the opponent to get a touchdown

How to Fix Early Access Challenge Rewards Not Showing Up in Madden NFL 23

Since the Madden NFL 23 servers are being overloaded with eager players during the early access period, some people are not receiving their free Madden Coins when completing the early access challenges. There’s no need to worry though, because your rewards haven’t gone anywhere. They’ll just take some time to appear in your account.

To speed things up, you can close Madden NFL 23 and completely restart the game. This will force the game to check for any items and rewards that you are owed. You may not get everything all at once, but this method should get you at least some of your hard-earned Madden Coins. The rest will trickle in over time as server issues smooth out.

Madden NFL 23 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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