Madden NFL 24 Passing Styles Explained: Placement & Accuracy vs Power vs Classic

Learn about all passing styles in Madden 24!

by Christian Bognar
Madden 24 Passing Styles
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When you first start up Madden NFL 24, the game is going to ask you your preferred passing type. There are three to choose from: Placement and Power, Placement and Accuracy, and Classic. This guide will review the difference between all passing types in Madden 24.

Difference Between All Passing Styles in Madden NFL 24


Remember that if you skip the selection where you select your passing type, you can change it by heading into Settings, then Game Options, and scrolling down to Passing Mechanics. Now with that out of the way, below you will find an explanation of Placement and Power, Placement and Accuracy, and Classic passing types in Madden NFL 24.

  • Placement + Accuracy – Enables a timing element for perfect accuracy on bullet passes on top of visual targets to control the pass placement and power.
  • Placement + Power – Enables visual targets to control the pass placement and power only, leaving accuracy to be determined by player ratings.
  • Classic – Disables Skill-Based Passing to use classic Madden passing button controls.

In other words, Placement + Accuracy and Placement + Power enables a visual target over your head to determine how well you throw a pass.

Placement and Accuracy Passing Style in Madden 24

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For Placement and Accuracy the visual meter above your receiver’s head determines how well you throw the pass overall, including both power and accuracy. This is the most complex passing type because your power and accuracy will be affected if you don’t release the button at the correct time.

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Placement and Power Passing Style in Madden 24

On the other hand, Accuracy and Power’s visual meter above your receiver only determines the power of the pass. Accuracy for this passing type boils down to your quarterback’s ratings. This passing type would be considered medium difficulty considering you don’t have to worry about accuracy when releasing a pass.

Classic Passing Style in Madden 24

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Lastly, we have the classic passing type. The classic passing style eliminates the meter and eliminates skill-based passing. This is the easiest and is meant for rookies of Madden, considering passing boils down to just pressing the button at the right time.

- This article was updated on August 15th, 2023

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