Maneater Fawtick Bayou Collectibles Guide – Every Cache, Landmark, and License Plate Location

Where to find every cache, landmark, and license plate in the opening area.

by Kyle Hanson

Maneater is an old school sort of action game. This is true in a few ways, but the collectibles feel especially so. Sure, modern action games have a ton of collectibles, but they have a different feel to them than this, which mirrors stuff from the early 2000’s such as Destroy All Humans. Here you see the collectibles strewn about on the map and can get to most of them pretty easily. It’s just about finding and collecting them. So let’s break down every cache, landmark, and license plate location in our Maneater Fawtick Bayou collectibles guide.

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Fawtick Bayou Collectibles – Cache, Landmark, and License Plate Locations

Rather than give an explanation of the location of every single one of these collectibles, the easiest way to do this is to give you the completed map for Fawtick Bayou and let you grab them for yourself. Most, especially in this early section of the game, aren’t that difficult to spot, especially with your sonar ability handy. Here’s that map, and keep reading to understand how to track all of these things down with this info.


As you can see, there’s a lot on there. Caches are the small boxes which are full of upgrade materials like protein, fat, and minerals. The landmarks are the circles pointing to the ground, almost like Pokéstops from Pokémon GO. And the license plates are…license plates. You can see my player indicator in the Grotto for a point of reference if you need it. Now all you need to do to get every collectible in this area is swim around to that location and scan the area. Use sonar if you have to and it should ping the specific spot. Some are underground or locked behind grates. Those are shown on the map as well, so swim to the nearest grate if it seems to be underneath you.

And that’s our Maneater Fawtick Bayou collectibles guide showing you every cache, landmark, and license plate location. Keep checking back for future areas as we explore them.