Maneater – How to Get to Dead Horse Lake

How to complete the Third-Cave Feminism quest

by Kyle Hanson

As you begin your quest to become the ultimate apex predator: a massive bull shark, you’ll be presented with many challenges. Most of these can be overcome with patience and a few solid bites, but others require some actual brain power as well. This is the case with the very first mission that has you leaving the confines of Fawtick Bayou, heading out to Dead Horse Lake and the sanctuary of its Grotto. But there’s a bit of a trick to getting there, especially for newer players. Here’s how to get to Dead Horse Lake in Maneater.

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How to Get to Dead Horse Lake

The answer lies to the west of Fawtick Bayou, but you probably already knew that. The objective marker leads you right there, pointing to the Grotto’s location within Dead Horse Lake with little indication of how to actually get into it properly. You may think there’s an underwater tunnel or something, as you swim along what feels like an impenetrable barrier, but you’d be wrong. In fact, you need to start thinking in the opposite direction. You need to look to the sky.


Head west from Fawtick Bayou until you reach the spot marked on the map above. Once you get there you should see a grate underwater that can be used to first enter Dead Horse Lake. But this isn’t the end of your initial journey to the Grotto, now you have access to a small area of the map and need to get to the next one. You may think this will involve another underwater tunnel, but you actually need to look in the opposite direction.


Head to the spot marked on the map above and look above the water. You’ll see a pretty wide opening which you can jump through. Just check that guide for tips if you don’t yet know how to jump out of the water. Once you clear this barrier it’s smooth sailing, or swimming tot he Grotto so just swim ahead and turn in once you see it.

And that’s how to get to Dead Horse Lake and its Grotto in Maneater.