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Maneater – How to Raise Infamy Rank and What does it do

How to fight more shark hunter bosses

by Kyle Hanson


There’s a lot of stats and other stuff to track in Maneater, but few are as important and consequential as your infamy. This somewhat hidden metric gauges just how much damage you’ve done to the overall human population of the gulf coast. As it goes up, your human foes will get angrier and tougher, so be careful raising it too quickly, before you have a chance to unlock some upgrades. But at certain points in the game, you’ll need to raise it to continue with the story. So here’s how to raise infamy rank and what does it do in Maneater.

What does Infamy Rank do

As I said, your infamy rank is a sign of how much damage you’ve done to the human population within the game. The more humans you consume and the more shark hunter you defeat, the higher it will go. That last one specifically is the more important one, and is sort of a feedback loop.

The higher your infamy, the more shark hunters will hunt you any time they show up. And they’ll be tougher too, utilizing better shark hunting methods such as depth charges or stronger boats. Each new full level brings a new shark hunter boss into the mix, from the simple and easy to eat Bayou Willy all the way up to Captain Robert Brunlett. Each boss might be easy to eat on their own, but you’ll have to take out a lot of boats and avoid a lot of danger to get to them, so be sure you know how to defeat shark hunter boats in Maneater.

How to Raise Infamy Rank

But of course, you will need to face them at points, and get that infamy rank up high if you want to progress. To do this you just need to cause as much havoc as you can. Eating humans on beaches or near the water will raise the alarm, triggering a shark hunter attack. Here is your chance to actually raise your infamy rank, by destroying the boats and eating the hunters themselves. It might take a few times, so either keep the battle going, or retreat when you have to and trigger another when you’re ready. Do enough damage and your rank will increase to the current limit. Once the boss shows up just eat them and start the process over again.

So that’s how to raise infamy rank and what does it do in Maneater.

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