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Mario Golf Super Rush – How To Get Bronze Badge

The second challenge commences.

by Dean James


Mario Golf Super Rush has its own single player story mode known as Golf Adventure, which has you leveling up your own Mii and moving from course to course. To travel to additional locations though, you will need to also upgrade your badge. You start with a Steel Badge that you have to upgrade to Chrome, but then need to upgrade to Bronze to be able to move onto Balmy Dunes.

How To Get Bronze Badge

Just like with the Chrome Badge, the Bronze Badge is going to require you to push your way through Adventure Golf mode and earn it the hard way. After getting the Chrome Badge, you were able to gain access to a new area known as Ridgerock Lake for the first time, but there was a problem with the course. The course was messed up due to weather and you instead have to participate in something known as XC Golf for the time being.

XC Golf is different in that the goal isn’t to just get like the lowest score among your opponents by getting under par on as many holes as possible, but rather something rather unique. This course here is a multi-level course where tornadoes are strategically placed for you to use.

The goal here is to sink your ball in the requested number of holes for that challenge, starting off with just three and going up from there. There are a set number of total strokes you are allowed to use here too, so you have to get them in all the holes before you run out. You will have to hit the ball into these tornadoes and even use the tornadoes themselves to jump into to get to higher levels quickly. This is because you will get penalized strokes if you don’t make it to your ball after each hit in a certain amount of time.

You will have to do a practice round and two standard XC Golf matches before the Blue Toad at the desk here will tell you that the next badge qualifier is going to be available the next day, so go to sleep in the nearby building as instructed. Wake up and it’s going to be done for the preliminaries again like we had in the Chrome Badge challenge.

For this specific challenge, you have 40 strokes to sink the ball in all nine holes on the course. This is definitely easier said than done, as the different elevations of the holes can cause you a lot of trouble. Just try to get on a path where you are higher up and making your way down and you should eventually get all nine within 40 strokes. After you succeed here, you will be awarded the Bronze Badge and be allowed access to the next area.

Mario Golf Super Rush is now available exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides as well if you need additional help with the game.

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