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Mario Golf Super Rush – How To Get A Chrome Badge

The first step in your Golf Adventure journey.

by Dean James


Golf is pretty standard as a sport overall, where the goal is to hit the ball into the hole in as few strokes at possible from hole to hole. Developer Camelot was never just satisfied with that only though in their Mario Golf games, as they have strived to include a single player story mode that players can enjoy. This mode is known as Golf Adventure in the new Mario Golf Super Rush and one of the first goals you will be aiming for is to unlock the Chrome Badge.

How To Get A Chrome Badge

Badges in Mario Golf Super Rush’s Golf Adventure mode essentially serve as a ranking of your journey so far to that point. Your Mii character that you use in the mode has a level, but the badges are what allow you to advance further to places you could not previously visit.

At the start of your Gold Adventure, you will have only a Steel Badge that allows you access to the basic training and first contest. However, getting the Chrome Badge is what you’ll need to do to advance further.

Getting the Chrome Badge is going to take a little bit of time, so make sure you go through the early introductions and then go do all of the training that is available. Eventually, you’ll be told about the first course challenge that you can participate in with Speed Golf within Bonny Greens and tell you that it starts the next day.

Go to sleep in your bed at the house and after waking up and heading out, you’ll be told the tournament starts in 30 minutes and to arrive five minutes early. You don’t have to wait though and can just go straight for the location by following the red arrow. Once you arrive and start, you will play the first eight holes that serve as the preliminary rounds that you have to make the cut on to be able to continue. At this point you should be able to manage this, so now head back to your house after finishing and go back to sleep.

Now that it’s the second day, head back to where you started the round the day before and do the back nine of the tournament and hopefully be able to come out on top. If you are successful here, you will now unlock the Chrome Badge that allows you to move forward to Rockridge Lake and your next opportunity.

Mario Golf Super Rush is now available exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides as well if you need additional help with the game.

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