Mario Party Superstars: How Many Turns Are There?

Turns determine rolls, minigames, and your experience in Superstars.

by Elliott Gatica

Mario Party Superstars is a party game where players can play a board game similar to those like Sorry! or Monopoly. You essentially pick your character (or playing piece), roll the dice to determine who goes first, and you’re on your way. Every time your character lands on a spot, something happens. You gain coins, lose coins, or other events happen. Every player will go through what the game calls “turns” which are essentially how many dice rolls each player gets until the game concludes along with how many minigames are played. Here is how many there are.

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How many turns are there in Mario Party Superstars?

Mario Party games never really had a set amount of turns. The host is the one who determines how many turns there are per board session. Superstars is no different. The game allows you to choose how many turns are in a game session between 10 in increments of 5 up to 30.

A game session of 10 turns is the shortest and is only really recommended to familiarize yourself with a board or to quickly unlock its classic-styled music. There isn’t really enough time to make a full rotation around a board and see what else you can do within it.


If you choose to have a 30-turn game, the game predicts that it’ll take 90 minutes, which can be a long session. This will give a full experience of what a board is like, what kind of events go on, and provide for creating different strategies to come out on top.

There is no recommended or standard amount. The game is designed to be mostly played as you see fit. Playing this is a commitment, especially if you have others on board with a session.

The estimated time for completion does give a rather good idea of how long you’d want to ideally play the game to prevent burnout or eye strain. It’s even better for when you’re playing in an online session, considering others may have other things to tend to and only have so much time to sit and play a game.


Mario Party Superstars is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. To check out additional content about the game, click here.

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