Mario Party Superstars: How to Unlock Classic Board Music

Party like its 2001 with classic Mario Party music!

by Elliott Gatica


Mario Party Superstars mashes 100 of the most iconic minigames from the past 10 games in a “greatest hits” collection. Alongside the minigames are the base of these games— the boards. Superstars brings back iconic boards from past Mario Party games, though they are touched up with modern graphics and audible differences from their original counterparts.

How to unlock classic board music in Mario Party Superstars

While the game is essentially a collection of some of the most iconic boards and minigames from past Mario Party games, the boards in particular are strictly from the Nintendo 64 era. Their music has since been revamped, but many players who grew up playing those games want a little bit more of nostalgia while playing highly upscaled versions of these.

You can in fact, unlock the classic music for each board. In order to do that, you have to simply complete one entire game session on each respective board. If you want to quickly unlock them, just play a standard game offline with easy CPUs and set the Total Turns to 10.

A 10-turn game roughly translates to 30 minutes of playtime, though there are variables like landing on special spots (Bowser, Chance Time, NPC events, etc.) and minigames that are taken into consideration. If you want, you can also add handicaps and anything else, especially if you’re a first-timer or still relatively new to the series.

You do not have to win in order to unlock the classic music. I came in 4th place because of horrid luck and still unlocked music for some boards.


Once you have completed a board, head on over to Shy Guy’s Option House and select the Adjust Background Music menu option. There are only five boards in the vanilla version of the game. These are the boards:

  • Yoshi’s Tropical Island (Mario Party 1)
  • Space Land (Mario Party 2)
  • Peach’s Birthday Cake (Mario Party 1)
  • Woody Woods (Mario Party 3)
  • Horror Land (Mario Party 2)

The boards you completed will be toggleable between Classic and Modern. You can do so individually per board. Unfortunately, minigames don’t get the classic music treatment.

Mario Party Superstars is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. To check out additional content for the game, click here.

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