Mario Party Superstars Mini-Game List: All 100 Mini-Games

The "Best of" Mario Party.

by Noah Nelson


One of the most important aspects of Mario Party Superstars is the minigames. No matter which Mario Party game, and there are so many of them, mini-games are the cornerstone of every single one. True classics like Eatsa Pizza, Trace Race, or Booksquirm, along with so many more, are all here in Mario Party Superstars. The best of the best minigames throughout the whole series is compiled on Nintendo Switch for you to play.

Similar to how older artists release a “best of” collection of their past work, Mario Party Superstars is the “best of” of the Mario Party franchise. While taking turns going around the board, trying to collect the most stars, all players will compete in various mini-games. From free-for-all, 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, and 1 vs. 1. If you’re looking for which minigames will be included in Mario Party Superstars, look no further. Here are all 100 mini-games!

Free-for-All Minigames in Mario Party Superstars


With 49 in all, be the last person standing in these free-for-all minigames. In this mode, as the name suggests, players will go head to head, 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1, against the other players. They are loads of fun and are one of the best opportunities to completely trounce your friends.

  • Mushroom Mix-Up
  • Bombs Away
  • Crazy Cutters
  • Shy Guy Says
  • Tipsy Tourney
  • Dizzy Dancing
  • Bumper Balls
  • Hot Rope Jump
  • Tread Carefully
  • Bumper Balloon Cars
  • Sneak n Snore
  • Mecha Marathon
  • Slot-Car Derby
  • Bowser’s Big Blast
  • Roll Call
  • Honeycomb Havoc
  • Snowball Summit
  • Ice-Rink Risk
  • Storm Chasers
  • Bounce n Trounce
  • Mush Pit
  • Cheep Cheep Chase
  • Chip-Shot Challenge
  • Rockin’ Raceway
  • Messy Memory
  • Trace Race
  • Booksquirm
  • Paths of Peril
  • Dinger Derby
  • Leaf Leap
  • Pushy Penguins
  • Coney Island
  • Bill Blasters
  • Night-Light Fright
  • Later Skater
  • Catch You Letter
  • Trap Ease Artist
  • What Goes Up…
  • Snow Whirled
  • Monty’s Revenge
  • The Final Countdown
  • Pokey Pummel
  • Manor of Escape
  • Goomba Spotting
  • Flash Forward
  • Rapid River Race
  • Face Lift
  • Dark ‘n’ Crispy
  • Pit Boss

1 vs. 3 Minigames in Mario Party Superstars


There are 15 1 vs. 3 minigames in Mario Party Superstars. These minigames randomly (and sometimes not randomly) select one person from the party to be the opponent and three to face them. Whether that be three trying to escape one person, three trying to hide from one person, or three trying to score soccer balls on one person defending, these minigames are a blast.

  • Piranha’s Pursuit
  • Tug o’ War
  • Archer-ival
  • Look Away
  • Tidal Boss
  • Boulder Ball
  • Coconut Conk
  • Spotlight Swim
  • Hide and Sneak
  • Squared Away
  • Tube it or Lose it
  • Pogo-a-go-go
  • Tackle Takedown
  • Skewer Scurry

2 vs. 2 Minigames in Mario Party Superstars


2 vs. 2 minigames split the party and pair them up against each other. There are 15 in total. Two of my favorites from this one that I have fond memories of barely winning with my best friends are Dungeon Duos and Etch ‘n’ Catch.

  • Bobsled Run
  • Handcar Havoc
  • Dungeon Dash
  • Speed Hockey
  • Balloon Burst
  • Cake Factory
  • Sky Pilots
  • Etch ‘n’ Catch
  • Picking Panic
  • Eatsa Pizza
  • Dungeon Duos
  • Revers-a-Bomb
  • Burnstile
  • Rocky Road
  • Paint Misbehavin’

1 vs 1 Minigames in Mario Party Superstars


In this special mode from Mario Party 3, two players face off. There are five in total, but they are all a good time. If you’ve only got one friend and are waiting for the rest of your party to show up, duel each other in this Duel mode.

  • Mass Meteor
  • Vine with me
  • Ticktock Hop
  • Motor Rooter
  • Spin Doctor

Coin Minigames


All Mario Party minigames grant the winner coins, but these minigames grant everybody coins. The point of each minigame is to be as greedy as possible- capture as many coins as you can before time runs out. There are a total of 10 minigames in this game mode.

  • Hammer Drop
  • Cast Aways
  • Paradol Plummet
  • X-Ray Payday
  • Quicksand Cache
  • River Raiders
  • Money Belts
  • Puddle Paddle
  • Cashapult
  • Winner or Dinner

Sports and Puzzle Minigames


Sometimes on teams, sometimes free-for-all, these Mario Party minigames, six in all, will look the most familiar to casual players. These types of minigames are the standard ice hockey, soccer, and Tetris games we all know and love.

  • Beach Volley Folly
  • Ice Hockey
  • Shell Soccer
  • Mario’s Puzzle Party
  • Block Star
  • Stick and Spin

There you have it, one to 100, all the minigames included in Mario Party Superstars. It is undetermined whether or not Nintendo will include extra minigames via DLC packs. If you don’t have plans for Halloween, especially because of the Horror Land board, snag Mario Party Superstars and invite your friends over for an unforgettable night.

Mario Party Superstars will be available on Oct. 29, 2022, on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2021

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