Mario Strikers Battle League Release Time: When Does the Game Unlock on Nintendo Switch?

The kick-off is not too far away!

by Elliott Gatica


The upcoming Mario Strikers sequel has many people excited, sharing all the tidbits we’re given via either official announcements from Nintendo or leaks. In any case, fans of the series are definitely wanting to get their hands on this the moment it drops. So, when will the game come out? We know the date, but what will the time be exactly? Here, we’ll go over the release time for Mario Strikers Battle League and other important details.

Mario Strikers Battle League Release Time

Since this is a standard Nintendo release, we can expect the game to unlock at 9 PM PST / 11 PM CT / 12 AM EST. This is the typical release and unlock time for digital and physical games. Further actions should be taken if you are planning to play the game right as it becomes fully available.

As the days get closer, look out for when the game can be pre-loaded for digital purchases. This ensures that once the clock strikes midnight for Eastern Standard Time, your game will unlock and be playable. According to Nintendo’s website, the game will be 3 GB. You should make sure your console or SD card has enough space to fit the game along with any other subsequent updates like day one patches and future content add-ons.

The file size is nowhere near that of a AAA game we’d see on PC or PlayStation, but you should ensure that you have a quality connection and an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

For those who are on the fence about buying the game, there will be a playable demo available between June 3 to June 5. As mentioned earlier, you will need a Switch Online membership to participate.

To sweeten this deal, Nintendo is even offering another free 7-day online trial for their subscription service. For those who already used the trial in the past and aren’t current members, they can claim one. Although it should be held off as the days approach when the demo will run from start to finish.

Mario Strikers Battle League will release on June 10, 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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