Nintendo Direct February 2022: Mario Strikers Battle League Reveal

Battle your way to the top of the league in this new Mario title

by Shaun Cichacki


When asking a Mario fan what the best sports title they’ve played is, a large majority of them will more than likely bring up the Mario Strikers franchise. Appealing to not only die-hard sports fans, but also casual players, Mario Strikers Battle League looks to carry on the legacy of the previous entries, but add in some exciting new features.

Bringing the heat with 5 vs 5 football/soccer action, you’ll be finding yourself in the hot seat, frantically passing, scoring, and guarding your way to victory against your friends when this action-packed sports title reaches the Nintendo Switch.

This ain’t your daddy’s soccer match

As with any sports game featuring the titular plumber, Mario Strikers Battle League is the newest entry in the long-running Mario Sports series, and one of the favorite titles of the group. You won’t find a normal game of soccer here, as you’ll be spamming power-ups to help yourself and hinder your enemies, tackling foes to the ground and into electric fences, and so much more to bring yourself to a sweet victory.

Featuring 8 player action on one Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to bring a group of friends into the action for some classic multiplayer action under one roof. Just be careful, as fireballs may shoot not only from the characters on screen, but the eyes of your opponents as matches are bound to get heated. You are also able to take to the field online against foes from across the world, or friends that you have on your list to make the ensuing grudge match that much sweeter.

Each character is also granted a special Crushing Special Shots, which can be anything from Yoshi laying a giant egg that bounces uncontrollably into your opponents’ goal, to Mario delivering a killer backflip kick that sends a fireball right your way. You can also change your gear to make your characters look exactly how you’d like, along with buffs to their speed, pass accuracy, and power.

Another new feature added to this title is the Hyper Strike, which allows you to find and capture an orb on-screen at specific points in the match, and allows you to unleash a major attack that scores you 2 points, compared to the normal 1 point from a standard goal. If you’re closing the gap for victory or pulling even further away from an opponent, you’ll find many ways to play that are suited to your specific playstyle.

The ability to join an Online Club is also a feature that is new to this entry and allows you to join a group with up to 20 other players. Getting better at the game, finding stiff competition, or climbing up the leaderboard, getting involved with a club will allow you to create an unstoppable dream team that will overtake the leaderboards in no time!

There is a lot to be excited about with Mario Strikers Battle League, and you’ll be able to get hands-on, or rather, foot on with it when it launches June 10th, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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