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Metro Exodus: How to Get the Good Ending

How to get the best ending in Metro Exodus

by Kyle Hanson


Metro Exodus might not seem like it’s judging your every action, but it is. As you wander through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Russia, fleeing the Moscow Metro tunnels that have been your home, you will run into some ethical quandaries. Will you kill to stay alive? Are other peoples’ lives less important than your own? These and more will decide your fate, and we’re here to help guide you through these ethical situations. Here’s how to get the good ending in Metro Exodus.

First off, we will be avoiding spoilers, so this guide may feel a bit generalized. Also, as the game has just come out, its secrets are still being discovered. We’ll begin with more general guidelines that you should follow and will be updating as more endings and triggers are discovered. There are bad and good endings, and some would say there is a best ending out there. We’re going to help you find them.

The thing to keep in mind as you play through Metro Exodus is exactly what I explained above. The game is judging you. Not individual actions, like shooting that mutated humanimal in the desert. More your grander actions, like how you treat enemies who aren’t really all that bad. Each level has different factions that you will interact with. Some are pure evil, such as most bandits. Others have a bit of grey to them.

Let’s take the first big level as an example. Volga features a fanatic cult who feel that technology was the cause of the war that ended human civilization. These aren’t terrible people, just misled in a lot of ways. You will take them on, for sure, but you don’t have to kill all of them. Using peaceful methods to take them out, such as knocking enemies out instead of outright killing them, will lead to a better resolution in the end of the level and the entire game.

Every time you encounter an enemy or faction of enemies you should figure out whether they are truly your enemy at all. Maybe your situation just pitted you against each other, and you can handle it without lethal violence. In most cases, once enough enemy combatants have been taken out, the others will start to surrender. In this moment, you have a choice to head toward the good ending or not.

You’ll also want to focus in on the side missions that become available in the more open areas of the game. If someone asks a favor of you, such as wanting a guitar or a teddy bear, you should track those things down, because they will factor into which ending you receive at the end of Metro Exodus.

There’s certainly more to what ending you get in the game, but this is what is understood so far, so follow these tips and you’ll be on your way. As more is discovered we will keep this guide updated, so check back for more on how to get the good ending in Metro Exodus.

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