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Metro Exodus: How to Repair Gas Mask

Patch those gas mask holes and possibly earn an Achievement

by Kyle Hanson


Everything in the world of Metro Exodus is broken. The guns are busted up and need cleaning. The Aurora isn’t in the best shape, though it keeps trucking along. But the more important thing, the thing that’s literally right in your face, is the gas mask. This series staple plays a big part in Exodus, but occasionally it gets pretty broken, and needs some repairs. Here’s how to repair the gas mask in Metro Exodus.

The answer is similar to how you clean weapons. While your backpack is a big help as you explore the irradiated wasteland of Metro Exodus, it isn’t able to clean or repair anything of substance. Instead you need to head to a workbench, which are scattered around the map and perpetually located at the Aurora base. Head to any of these locations when your gas mask is broken in any way and you can repair it, and here’s how.

Just open up the workbench menu and hit the right shoulder buttons or click on the gear icon all the way on the right. This takes you to your equipment menu where you can manage some items that you carry along with you, including the gas mask. You’ll need crafting materials to do it, but if you’re ready just select the mask and hit the corresponding button to repair.

Now, this is during the majority of the game, but you may be interested in a certain Achievement or Trophy. Martian tasks you with fixing a busted gas mask, which is actually a bit different than what is described above. This is all about patching a hole in the mask, which will appear early in the game, and possibly later on. When you see a hole in the mask, just hit the button to wipe your mask clean, which should be the left shoulder button of G on PC. Artyom will put a piece of tape over the hole and earn you the Martian Achievement.

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