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Metro Exodus: How to Use Grenades and Molotovs

How to throw grenades and moltovs

by Kyle Hanson


While guns are typically the weapon of choice as you wander the irradiated wasteland of post-apocalyptic Russia featured in Metro Exodus, you do have a lot of other options. One of the best and most important you’ll pick up along the way are grenades and molotovs which can really help in a pinch. Surrounded by enemies? Chuck a grenade. A swarm of Humanimals are heading straight at you? Toss a molotov in their path. But how do you do this? Here’s how to use grenades and molotovs in Metro Exodus.

The answer is pretty much the same as how to throw stuff, but we’ll break it down here as well. The gist is that you have a separate part of the inventory dedicated to these secondary weapons. You select them by holding down RB on Xbox One, R1 on PS4, or C on PC. This opens up the weapon menu where you can choose what to equip as your secondary. If you’re looking at some heavy combat ahead, you should hit left or right on the D-Pad, or move the mouse in that direction, to pick either the grenades (left) or molotovs (right).

Once you’ve equipped it, all you need to do to use them is hit the same button you were holding before. Tap RB, R1, or C and Artyom will immediately toss a grenade or molotov in the direction you’re aiming. Be careful with this, obviously, as you don’t want to toss one at your own feet. Make sure you’re aiming where you want some serious firepower to land, before hitting the button. Once you do you’ll throw some hot death that way.

If you ever need more, you can craft them at the nearest workbench. See how to do that right here.

And that’s how to use grenades and molotovs in Metro Exodus.

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