Minecraft Dungeons – How to Get Iron Golem – Golem Kit Artifact Location and Level

Summon an Iron Golem ally with this Artifact.

by Diego Perez
Minecraft Dungeons Iron Golem Artifiact

Minecraft Dungeons is filled to the brim with blocky loot for players to find, but some of the most interesting items the game has to offer are the Artifacts. There are a few Artifacts that allow players to summon AI companions, and the strongest companion of them all is the Iron Golem. As Minecraft fans might expect, the Iron Golem towers over enemies and is incredibly resilient due to its iron body. It’s one of the rarest drops in Minecraft Dungeons, and players won’t be getting their own Iron Golem on their first playthrough. Minecraft Dungeons is designed to be replayed, offering better gear on higher difficulty levels, and the Golem Kit Artifact is one such item. This is how to get a Golem Kit Artifact and get an Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons.

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How to Get Golem Kit Artifact and Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons

To get an Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons, you need to get an Artifact called the Golem Kit. Like the Tasty Bone or Wonderful Wheat Artifacts, the Golem Kit summons an Iron Golem as an AI companion. The Golem Kit only drops on Apocalypse difficulty, which is the highest difficulty level in the game. To access Apocalypse difficulty, you first to defeat the Arch-Illager and beat the game twice, once on Default difficulty and again on Adventure difficulty. Once you reach Apocalpyse difficulty, the Golem Kit Artifact drops in Pumpkin Pastures, one of Minecraft Dungeons’ earlier levels.

If you’re having trouble getting it to drop, head back to Camp and try your luck with the Wandering Trader. You have a chance of getting it as one of the random Artifacts he’ll give you in exchange for Emeralds. Once you get the Golem Kit Artifact, equip it and use it to summon your very own Iron Golem. If you’ve already summoned a wolf and a llama before, then you’ll get an achievement titled A Friend In Need for summoning all three allies in the game once you summon the Iron Golem.

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