Minecraft Dungeons – Is the Hero Edition Worth It?

Should you get the more expensive version?

by Diego Perez

Minecraft Dungeons is out now, but should you opt for the more expensive Hero Edition instead of the base game? Like most extra editions of games, the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons includes some digital bonuses and other content, but whether or not it will be worth it to you depends on how long you intend to play the game. In our review, we pointed out that Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have the legs to last as long as similar games, so there’s a chance you might be done with the game long before the first major content update drops sometime in the future. This is everything included in the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons.

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What Does the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition Include?

The Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons comes with a few in-game items and access to the game’s first two DLC packs when they become available. The DLC packs have yet to be announced, but the bonus items are a Hero Cape, two bonus player skins, and a chicken pet. These are primarily cosmetic rewards, so they aren’t huge additions. The real draw of the Hero Edition is the two future DLC packs. These DLC expansions will add new levels, gear, and enemies to the game.

Is the Hero Edition Worth It?

If you think you will play a lot of Minecraft Dungeons, then yes, the Hero Edition is worth it. The extra cosmetic items aren’t too big of a deal, but the DLC packs will likely add tons of new content to the game. Both DLC packs have already been leaked, and it looks like they’ll be called “Creeping Winter” and “Jungle Awakens.” If you aren’t sure if you’ll like the game, then you can always get the standard edition right now and purchase the Hero Pass separately to obtain all the benefits of the Hero Edition at a later date. The Hero Pass is only $10, so you won’t have to pay any extra costs if you decide you want the DLC later.

Also, it’s worth noting that Xbox Game Pass players don’t get access to the DLC packs when they launch, and they’ll have to buy the Hero Pass to play the new content when it becomes available. Thankfully, Xbox Game Pass subscribers get 10% off on all Minecraft Dungeons DLC, so that will shave a little bit off the asking price.

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