Minecraft Dungeons Level Cap – What is the Max Level in Minecraft Dungeons?

What's the maximum level in Minecraft Dungeons?

by Diego Perez

Minecraft Dungeons adds RPG mechanics to the world of Minecraft, allowing players to level up and find more powerful gear. This gear can then be enhanced with various enchantments that grow stronger with more enchantment points, which are earned by leveling up. Your character is constantly growing in Minecraft Dungeons, and just like in most games, players will want to reach the maximum power level as quickly as possible. The Minecraft Dungeons level cap is a little complicated, but the way it’s set up will likely give players enough breathing room to prepare for the upcoming DLC. This is the max level in Minecraft Dungeons and the total number of enchantment points you can earn.

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What is the Max Level Cap in Minecraft Dungeons?

There doesn’t seem to be a max level in Minecraft Dungeons at the time of writing. There’s an achievement for reaching level 50, and to max out every enchantment slot on all your equipment you’ll need to reach at least level 55. In order to get stronger in Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll need to play the game multiple times. After finishing the game on the default difficulty, you can move to Adventure and Apocalypse modes to get better gear. Jumping to the next difficulty level once you have enough gear offers a nice sense of progression and it allows you to earn even more experience by encountering and defeating even more powerful enemies.

Maximum Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons

Just like the max level, it appears there is no limit to the number of enchantment points you can have in Minecraft Dungeons. Because you start at level 1 and earn an enchantment point each time you level up, you’ll have 54 total enchantment points by the time you hit level 55. At that point, you’ll be able to max out every enchantment slot for the items you have equipped. As you keep leveling up, you’ll earn more enchantment points that you can use on other items in your inventory, that way you can have multiple enchanted weapons to swap between at any time.

- This article was updated on May 30th, 2020

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