Minecraft Goat Horn Explained: How to Get It and What It Does

Here is how to get and use the Goat Horn in Minecraft

by Caleb Stultz

Minecraft players who are gearing up for the latest update to the Bedrock Edition (1.18.30) probably noticed a few new items and features coming in the update. One of those features is the brand new Goat Horn, which has some new and interesting features that will be explained in this guide. Want to know where to get a Goat Horn and how to use it? Then look no further. Here is how to get a Goat Horn and use one in Minecraft.

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How to Get a Goat Horn in Minecraft

To get a Goat Horn in Minecraft, you must first find a goat in the game. Goats in Minecraft typically spawn in the mountain biome. Usually, groups of two or three goats spawn on the snowy slopes way above the cloud line on the tops of those mountains.

After you have found a goat, you will need for it to become aggressive so it rams at you. After you have the goat’s aggression, place or run to stone, packed ice, iron ore, copper ore, emerald ore, or any type of wooden log in the Overworld, not from the Nether.

When any goat runs into one of these types of blocks, it will drop a horn. An adult goat will even drop up to two horns at once. The Goat Horn is a renewable item, so you will need to go back and get more after you have run out. They are also not stackable, so they will fill your inventory fast if you are collecting them. Consider bringing a Shulker Box if you want extra room to store them.


How to Use a Goat Horn in Minecraft

Using a Goat Horn in Minecraft is relatively simple. Just click or press on your respective console or PC the “use” button and it will show the horn being used in the tooting animation. It will make a horn noise the same as the one heard during Raids.

In the latest update (1.18.30), you can mix copper ingots together with a Goat Horn to create a Copper Horn, which will make a new noise altogether.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.