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Minecraft: How to Find Buried Treasure

Here's how to hunt for buried treasure

by Luna Wilkes


When exploring the seas of Minecraft you may have heard about the wonderful treasures beneath it, so we’ll be looking at how to find buried treasure. These treasure boxes contain a large number of valuable resources and are your only way to get hearts of the sea, which are needed when creating conduits. So knowing how to find these lucrative chests can be a massive boon, especially in the early game.

Finding a Treasure Map

The first thing you will need to do is get your hands on a treasure map. This is what will allow you to track down the treasure in the first place, as it is otherwise nearly impossible to find the chests in a decent amount of time. You’ll need to explore the ocean and find shipwrecks deep beneath the waves. More often than not, these shipwrecks will contain a chest that has a treasure map inside of it. Once you have the map in hand, treasure hunting can fully begin.

How to Find Buried Treasure

With the map in hand, right-click with it to open it up and reveal the location of the buried treasure. Using your position on the edges of the map relative to where the treasure is, you’ll need to use the map to find your way to that location. Once you’re on-site, you need to pull out your trusty shovel or maybe even a pickaxe depending on where the chest decided to spawn, and then start digging. The buried treasure chest will often only be a few blocks beneath the spot where the X is on the map, so if you’ve dug rather deep and not yet found the chest it might be time to move over a few blocks and try again. But once you’ve found the correct spot, the chest will be yours along with all of the loot within it.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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