Minecraft: How to Repair Tridents

Here's how to repair this rare and aquatic weapon

by Luna Wilkes
Minecraft image

Out of all the combat items in Minecraft, Tridents are perhaps the most difficult to get your hands on, so we’re looking at how to repair them. Tridents only drop from the Drowned, and even then they come out very damaged. This means that you’ll pretty much have to find a way to repair the thing if you want to actually use it. Using one before you repair it isn’t very recommended, as you might accidentally end up breaking this very rare weapon. There are only two ways to repair them though, and neither of them are cheap.

How to Repair Tridents

First, we’ll be looking at the simpler of the two ways to repair tridents. This method requires that you first obtain more than one damaged trident, so it’s not the most time-effective way to repair them but it works. Take the two tridents and combine them together, either in your inventory or through a grindstone, and their durabilities will be combined together into a new trident. This method will get rid of any enchantments you had on them though, so be careful. If you value your enchantment, you can combine them together on an anvil instead, but this will require a few of your levels for every repair.

The other way to repair them is by using a rare and special enchantment. The enchantment in question is known as Mending, and it makes it so that items enchanted with it will consume experience points to repair themselves. This is by far the best way to repair tridents, the only issue is that it is not very easy to get your hands on the enchantment. You can never get it from an enchanting table, it can only be obtained as a treasure or through villager trading. But once you have the enchanted book just slap it on the trident by using an anvil and you’re set.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.