Minecraft – How to Trade With Piglin

Piglins can be a good source of hard-to-get items.

by Daniel Chae

One of the more common characters of the Nether in Minecraft are the Piglins.  These pig-like creatures can be traded with to get important materials and items (like Crying Obsidian).  While these creatures are normally hostile to you, you CAN trade with them and if you’re wearing the right items you can make them friendly.  This guide will explain how to trade with Piglin in Minecraft.

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Piglins like Gold Ingots

To trade with a Piglin you simply need to walk up to them and drop a Gold Ingot.  The Piglin will examine the item for a short time and then you’ll get an item in return for the Ingot.  The items that you receive can be any number of things, the list of possible items that a Piglin will drop can be found in the table below:

Piglin Trade Chart

Item Probability
Crying Obsidian 9.46%
Fire Charge 9.46%
Gravel 9.46%
Leather 9.46%
Nether Brick 9.46%
Obsidian 9.46%
Soul Sand 9.46%
Ender Pearl 4.73%
Glowstone Dust 4.73%
Magma Cream 4.73%
Nether Quartz 4.73%
String 4.73%
Iron Nugget 2.36%
Potion of Fire Resistance 2.36%
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 2.36%
Iron Boots (w/Soul Speed) 1.89%
Enchanted Book (w/Soul Speed) 1.18%

How to make Piglin Friendly

The Piglin will be friendly to you if you are wearing Gold Armor.  Any piece of Gold Armor will make the Piglin non-hostile.