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Minecraft: Where to Find Axolotls

Here's where you can find those cute little fish swimming around

by Luna Wilkes


The Caves and Cliffs update is finally here, and among all that’s been added to the game, today we’re taking a look at where to find Axolotls. These cute aquatic creatures have unique spawning conditions compared to other aquatic mobs in the game, so we’ll be going over what those are, as well as how to breed and care for more Axolotls once you have found some.

Where to Find Axolotls

Axolotls can only spawn in water that’s belowground, specifically below sea level which is at Y = 63, and in total darkness. Specifically, it checks for if the water is below blocks, meaning that while it is possible to find them naturally in the ocean, it’s probably because there’s an opening to an underwater cave nearby. Underwater caves are where you’ll have the most luck finding them because all of their spawn conditions will be met naturally. They come in five different colors, which are each selected at random whenever they spawn. Once you have found some Axolotls, you can scoop them up in a bucket of water to move them elsewhere.

Getting More Axolotls

Once you have Axolotls at your disposal, you can easily breed more of them. They do not need to be in the water to be bred, but it’s better to put them in some to ensure that the baby Axolotl will survive. Once the two candidates are ready, just right-click on each of them with a bucket of tropical fish and soon you will have a baby Axolotl. If you transported the Axolotl by buckets as well, then you also don’t ever need to worry about them despawning, because scooping up an aquatic creature with a bucket and then putting it back down will prevent that from happening.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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