Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies Pack-a-Punch Machine Locations

Pack-a-Punch will be essential as you go into the orange and red zones on your map!

by J.R. Waugh
Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MW3 Pack-a-Punch Locations
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Pack-a-Punch machine locations are vital to know while playing Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies. They will enhance your weapons to an impressive degree and often make the difference between surviving and thriving on the Urzikstan map.

MW3 Zombies: Where to Find Pack-a-Punch Machine Locations in Modern Warfare 3

The Pack-a-Punch machines are typically more common in the lower level areas in MW3 Zombies, with spots encircling the map in each zone. They appear in certain locations, but only a handful of them are randomly available during each run.

They resemble broken-down vending machines and are sometimes obscured from plain view, but their locations are handy to know. This can be especially beneficial when you’ve got a brand-new gun and need to enhance its power and ammo capacity. Here is an overview map where their general locations are circled:

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Additionally, if you’re having trouble spotting them from there, I’ve provided individual locations spotted across the map and zoomed in, so that you can find them more easily. While they don’t have the same intrigue or fanfare as a Mystery Box, they are a great asset to keep handy while roaming Urzikstan for loot and high-value targets.

  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-8
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-7
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-6
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-5
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-4
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-3
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-2
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-1
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-9
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-10
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-11
  • Modern-Warfare-3-Zombies-MW3-Pack-a-Punch-Locations-12

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Bear in mind that these can come in clutch as you move toward the center of the map, amass funds, and get better weapons. I found it especially entertaining that the game promised ammo capacity upgrades for my dual-wield kodachis but carving up non-armored zombies into mincemeat in one hit was worth it.

Can You Upgrade Weapons Without a Pack-a-Punch Machine in Modern Warfare 3?

Found on some enemies, particularly more often after contracts or strongholds, you can find Raw and Refined Aetherium, which add a Pack-a-Punch level to your weapons, Level 1 and 2 respectively. Bear this in mind if you have a certain weapon equipped you want to upgrade first before picking up or using it.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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