Modern Warfare – How to Get Dismemberment Rounds

Only certain weapons have these brutal new bullets.

by Diego Perez

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is filled with several ways to customize your weapons, and a recent update has added a gory new ammunition type for a handful of weapons: dismemberment rounds. Unfortunately, dismemberment rounds cannot be earned through gameplay in Modern Warfare. They’re only included with select bundles in the store. Unlike other paid ammo types in Modern Warfare, dismemberment rounds do not change the color of your bullets, but rather they completely obliterate your targets when you kill them. These brutal bullets aren’t available on every weapon, but there are a lot of bundles that include them that span most of the game’s popular guns.

How to Get Dismemberment Rounds in Modern Warfare

Dismemberment rounds can only be obtained by purchasing various bundles in Modern Warfare’s store. There are currently eight weapons that include dismemberment rounds, and they are listed below.

  • Insurgency (Iskra Operator Bundle – 2400 COD Points)
  • Heresy (Iskra Operator Bundle – 2400 COD Points)
  • Bludgeoner (Mace Operator Bundle – 2400 COD Points)
  • Skullhammer (Mace Operator Bundle – 2400 COD Points)
  • Black Bear (Talon Operator Bundle – 2400 COD Points)
  • Elk Rut (Talon Operator Bundle – 2400 COD Points)
  • Torn (Brutalizer Pack – 1500 COD Points)
  • Asunder (Brutalizer Pack – 1500 COD Points)

Three of the game’s newest operators (Iskra, Mace, and Talon) all include weapons that come with dismemberment rounds as a part of their respective bundles, but if you’d rather save some COD Points, you can pick up the cheaper Brutalizer Pack and still get your hands on this special ammunition. Like all Modern Warfare cosmetics, these bundles shuffle in and out of the store on a set schedule. If you want to buy a specific one, it might not be offered for sale when you check. Just have patience and they’re sure to roll around eventually. Also, keep in mind that, like the colorful bullets included with other bundles, dismemberment rounds cannot be transferred to other weapons. Iskra, Mace, and Talon are frequently featured in the store, so you shouldn’t have any trouble picking up dismemberment rounds at all.

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