Monster Hunter Rise: Are Village Quests Multiplayer?

Can you play the solo-friendly Village Quests of Rise with other hunters?

by Marc Magrini


In just a week, Monster Hunter Rise has gained an astonishing amount of new players. The game’s PC port found great success from those without a Switch; SteamDB reported a peak of over 100,000 players in-game at once. Many newcomers and long-time fans alike are only getting their hands on the game now, likely thrusting them into unfamiliar territory; new mechanics like the Wirebug can be especially confusing. Thankfully, Rise’s Village Quests allow new players to ease themselves into the game.

These special, solo-scaled quests can be performed by speaking to Hinoa in Kamura Village. Monsters in these quests generally have lower health than in Hub Quests, making them take less time overall. Quests in the Gathering Hub are also scaled for solo hunts, but their health changes if you decide to fight them with other players. Simply put, both Village and Hub Quests can be beaten without any help from other players. But will players be able to do both quest types in multiplayer, as well?

Are Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests Multiplayer-Compatible?

Unfortunately, no. Kamura Village’s quests are solely designed for a single-player experience. They are unable to be attempted with allies, outside of AI-controlled Palicos and Palamutes. Only Hub Quests can be done online; this is partially why Rampages and Expeditions have separate Village and Hub variations.

However, fans wishing to play through the game with their friends don’t need to worry. If you want, you can skip the Village and play through the entire game by only performing Hub Quests. You might miss out on important story beats – including a tutorial on how to play the new Rampage mode – but you can achieve full story progression regardless. If you’re not in it for the story, feel free to make the Gathering Hub your permanent home as you grab some friends for a round of hunting!

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch and on PC. The PC version can be found exclusively on Steam, for a current price of $59.99 USD.

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