Monster Hunter Rise: Failed to Save Error Fix

Fixing the save error in Monster Hunter Rise

by Gordon Bicker


Monster Hunter Rise is now released on PC and as with any new release, a fair share of glitches can become apparent to players after developers release the game. Player feedback has been noted about a particular glitch causing saving issues and not allowing players to actually start their game and save their progress within Monster Hunter Rise. Of course, this isn’t ideal for any monster hunter who has a busy schedule to attend to and it is likely that developers are working on a fix quickly for this glitch. However, while you’re waiting on a main update/patch fix, this guide article will take you through what the glitch is in its entirety and the process of workarounds you can employ to utilise the Monster Hunter Rise save error fixes.

What the ‘Failed to Save’ Error in Monster Hunter Rise Is

As aforementioned, the error itself relates to the player’s ability to save the game on the PC port version of the game. Whenever some players try and boot up their game, they will be met with a prompt that no save data exists and to create a new save data file.  After they choose to create the new save data file, the game will throw up the error of “Failed to Save” which ultimately stops players from being able to start the game.

How to Fix the Failed to Save Error in Monster Hunter Rise

There are numerous ways to try and fix the error and Capcom has also written an official list of ways to try and fix the issue. Among the fixes, the following can be attempted:

  • Disable the Steam Cloud and try to boot up the game again
  • Re-install the entire game
  • Delete any save data existing if you haven’t progressed far and try again, however, this one should be as a last resort for fixing the glitch
  • Reboot your PC

As can be seen above, Capcom have been trying to find ways to fix the glitch until they employ a likely official update. It should be noted that the main method Capcom has recommended is disabling the Steam Cloud and also deleting local save data for the game, however, be careful when attempting that method. You’ll be able to get back to all of the exciting events after fixing the glitch!

Will you be trying to fix the save error glitch this month?

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2022

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