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Monster Hunter Rise – How To Find Firelanterns

Found under a different name.

by Dean James


Monster Hunter Rise is the latest game in the fast growing series, this time exclusive to the Nintendo Switch for the time being at least. This is not just a Switch version of Monster Hunter World, but a whole new game entirely. With that comes plenty of new areas to explore and missions to complete, but these are not always the easiest to figure out. Even some of the first missions in the game are kind of vague in what you are supposed to find, so this guide will help you to know how to find the requested Firelanterns.

How To Find Firelanterns

Firelanterns are an item you’ll come across throughout Monster Hunter Rise, but the first time you’ll be introduced is right out of the gate after you finish the training missions. The first Level 1 quest is Roly-poly Lanterns, which tasks you with delivering 8 Firelanterns to complete the mission.

The problem here is that while it is asking for Firelantterns, that’s not actually what the item is called when you are on a hunt. Instead, you have to look out for what is known as a Shimmering Red Berry, which is a unique item. Picking this plant will give you a varying number of Firelanterns, which could be only one or even more. As a result, you’re going to have to find multiple to fulfill this quest.

To help you out here, the map itself is marked with green dots that indicate where a Firelantern should be located, though this can get a little tricky. Sometimes they are just on the ground right where the marker is. Other times though, you will have to scale some walls to move to higher ground to get these.


The Firelanterns are an account item, so just grabbing them will automatically start filling up your quest requirement until you have found enough. At this point, the quest will be over and the timer to return to the village will start counting down.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides that you can find right here as well.

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