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Mortal Shell – How to Get Etherial Diapason

The life saving item.

by Abdul Saad


Mortal Shell is the latest title from developer Cold Symmetry inspired by the Dark Souls games. As such, it replicates a lot of the elements from the stellar series, such as the method of item collection, among others. One item that’s precious and scarce in the game is the Etherial Diapason. This item grants you an extra life of sorts as it lets you get knocked out of your shell twice providing you with a second chance to defeat a boss or a pesky enemy. It’s also an item that’s quite hard to find but worry not as this guide will show you how to locate it.

The Etherial Diapason can be found in three different locations in the game. One can also be bought from Sester Genessa for five Glimpses.

How to Get Etherial Diapason

The first Diapason can be found in Dim’s Gate. It can be seen on a platform next to Brether Corvid and is fairly easy to drop down and get.

The next Diapason can be located in Enshrined Sanctum before the Martyr’s alter. Walk towards the alter, and you should see an opening on your left that has a chest with the Diapason inside.

The last can be found in the later half of the game near the Fallgrim Tower. To locate it, scan the area between the Archives and the tower, and you should locate it easily.

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