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Mortal Shell – How to Get the Impervious Lute

The enchanting lute

by Abdul Saad


Mortal Shell is the latest title from developer Cold Symmetry inspired by the Dark Souls games. As such, it replicates a lot of the elements from the stellar series, such as the method of item collection, among others. One of the many useful items in the game is the Impervious Lute, an item that is more precious than it seems. As the name suggests, the Impervious Lute does not break after multiple uses, unlike the ordinary lutes found throughout the game. This guide will show you how to get it.

How to Get the Impervious Lute

To get the Impervious Lute in Mortal shell, simply head to the large campsite in Fallgrim seen on the right side of the map. You’ll encounter some enemies there, including some melee brigands, one of which will drop the lute once it’s killed. After you’ve acquired the Impervious Lute, you can use it to draw enemies towards you as they become aggressive once they hear the music. Additionally, if you play the lute near Sester Ganessa at max familiarity, she will react to the music, and if you play the lute near non-aggressive brigands, they will copy your song.

The Impervious Lute also has a large radius, so it is useful to draw in and clear out enemies whose location you’re unaware of.

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