MW3 Crash Site: All Weapons, Field Upgrades, and Plate Carrier Locations

Your complete guide to MW3's Crash Site mission.

by Diego Perez
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Crash Site is the 7th mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign. It’s an open combat mission, so there are multiple optional weapons, armaments, and items to discover. This guide will show you where to find all 10 weapons and items in the MW3 Crash Site mission.

All Armaments & Weapons in MW3 Crash Site

There are 7 weapons and armaments to discover in the Crash Site mission of Modern Warfare 3. They’re all scattered around the wreckage, mostly located in the small houses and surrounding structures near the plane.

  1. Silenced M4
  2. Kastov 762
  3. Incendiary Lockwood 680
  4. Incendiary Raal MG
  5. Silenced Crossbow
  6. Silenced SA-B 50
  7. Silenced Victus XMR

You can see a completed Crash Site map with the locations of every weapon marked below. Weapons are marked with a gun icon, while more powerful armaments are marked with blue triangles.

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Crash Site Plate Carrier Location

There are two Plate Carrier upgrades to find in the Crash Site mission. Since the map is so small, you can collect both of them within the first few seconds of starting the level.

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You can find the first Plate Carrier in the northwest building with the flight recorder that you need to retrieve near the end of the mission. It’s the building with the loadout drop right outside. The armor upgrade is sitting on a table next to the armor plates in the living room.

The second is located in the southern building. Check the small northern room with the armor plates inside and you’ll find the Plate Carrier sitting on a table.

Crash Site Field Upgrade Locations

There are three Field Upgrades to collect in the Crash Site mission.

  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Munitions Box
  • Armor Box

Each of them is located just outside of one of the three main buildings surrounding the crash site. You can see their exact locations marked on the map below.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

With that, you’ve collected everything there is to find in the Crash Site mission of Modern Warfare 3. This is one of the shortest and smallest open combat missions in the campaign, but sneaking past the Konni troops to pick up all the gear is still a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, there isn’t an Ascender or any other special gear to collect in this mission.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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