MW3 Zombies Freezer Burn Guide: How to Get Cryo Freeze Ammo

We weren't kidding when we shouted 'freeze!'

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies MWZ Freezer Burn How to Get Cryo Freeze Ammo
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Ammo modifications are some of the handiest tools you can have no matter what zone you’re in while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode. Cryo Freeze ammo is also tied to a mission in MW3 Zombies, so here’s how to get it!

How to Get Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW3 Zombies

Cryo Freeze ammo can often be found in Aether Caches (covered in purple crystals) found in places such as Infested Strongholds or Aether Nests. You’ll usually find this type of ammo mod or any of the other types, so if you find something like Brain Rot instead, check the next location. There’s also a chance you can find the schematic for this in the game to craft it with a 3-hour cooldown or to stow and exfil with extras found in the Acquisitions menu.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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To apply Cryo Freeze ammo to your weapon, either hold ‘Square’ or ‘X’ on it if you’re otherwise going to stow it. As long as your weapon has no ammo mods equipped, this will bind to it. If you have it in your rucksack, press ‘Down’ on the D-pad and hit ‘Square’ or ‘X’ to apply to your equipped weapon. You can also get this ammo from the Elemental Pop machines found on the map.

How to Use Cryo Freeze Ammo for MWZ Freezer Burn Mission

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Cryo Freeze is handy, and best kept for your LMGs or other high-capacity, high fire rate weapons. Your tasks for Freezer Burn are:

  • Slow 50 Zombies with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod
  • Slow 10 Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod

Slowing 50 zombies will be easy no matter where you are. Even if you kill them the moment the effect applies, it’ll sound like clanging chains when you get the effect. It’s a numbers game, so every shot that hits your enemy has a chance to freeze or ‘slow’ them.

The best contracts for Freezer Burn are Raid Weapon Stash contracts, where zombies and hellhounds will bear down on your location as you stand near the safe you’re drilling. Use an LMG for maximum effect. Alternately, consider calling in exfil, which prompts endless hordes of enemies, and let loose.

For Hellhounds, since they die in one hit in your regular deployment area, go to the orange zone for good measure, as they’ll take more hits, and consider apply your ammo to a weaker weapon and taking individual shots for a better chance at freezing instead of killing them. If you step further away from the safe, your progress will drop, but the hordes will continue, so step into an open area and you can continue this indefinitely.

- This article was updated on November 11th, 2023

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