MW3 Zombies Hostile Takeover: All Safe Locations in MWZ

Find these safe locations and prepare to hold down the fort in MWZ!

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies MWZ Hostile Takeover Safe Locations
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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Zombies mode has plenty of story missions such as Hostile Takeover to keep you occupied. The fun part about the Hostile Takeover mission is, for all you Payday players, finding the safe locations in MW3!

All Safe Locations in MW3 Zombies

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All safe locations are revealed when you take the ‘Raid Weapon Stash’ contracts scattered around the map in MW3 Zombies. Their icons resemble a box with a gun in it, and they’re all over the map. Below are some locations you can check while playing, but don’t be surprised if other players reach them first. The good news is, there are often enough for everyone.

Additionally, you can find safes in the center of Mercenary Stronghold locations, so be sure to raid Encampments for a keycard to get in!

How to Loot Safes in MWZ

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You have to accept a Raid Weapon Stash contract and then the location will be revealed for the safes you can loot in MW3 Zombies. Then you must reach the safe, hold ‘Square’ or ‘X’, then stay nearby while the progress meter on the left reaches 100%. If you are too far away, the progress bar won’t move.

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You’ll then be faced with an onslaught of zombies local to that area’s threat level, so in the threat level 1 zone you’ll have no trouble holding down the fort. Consider a full-auto weapon with a high-capacity mag and a good sidearm so you’re well-supplied. The irony of this is that once you complete the contract, you might wind up getting a weapon that could have been useful here.

How to Complete the Hostile Takeover Mission in MW3 Zombies

To complete the Tier 5 Hostile Takeover mission in MW3 Zombies you must do the following:

  • Loot 3 Safes
  • Kill 50 enemies while drilling Safes

Killing 50 enemies is especially easy and you might reach this with your first safe. Beyond that, just check your map for the Raid Weapon Stash contract to get 2 more, and this mission will be complete. Also note that this contract is excellent for drawing hellhounds, which is great for ammo mod missions if you want to recommend this to

- This article was updated on November 12th, 2023

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