MW3 Zombies Sentry Gun Locations & Where to Buy Them

"You have twenty seconds to comply."

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies Hands Off Sentry Gun MWZ
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has plenty of tasks for you involving creative and violent ways to mow down zombies. One of the easiest missions in the game involves you letting a Sentry Gun do the shooting in the MW3 Zombies mission ‘Hands Off’.

How to Get a Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies

You can get a Sentry Gun at Buy Stations in Threat Zones 2 and 3 (Orange and Red area) for 2000 Essence in MW3 Zombies. Additionally, you can find them in Supply Caches kept at Mercenary Encampments, as a rare loot item. It’s not as common as a Gas Mask for instance, but this makes it more obtainable than you might expect.

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When hunting for this, I was disappointed I couldn’t hack the ones I found such as at the Rook’s hideout south of the Seaport District, but 2000 Essence to buy one is easy. The quickest way is to complete a Cargo Delivery contract, one of the easiest in the game, and one of these will get you enough essence to buy a Sentry Gun.

How to Complete the Hands-Off Mission in MWZ and Get the Cyphered Tablet

The Hands-Off mission is quite tame for a Tier 5 mission, especially since you can buy these turrets as needed. The mission is as follows:

  • Kill 20 Zombies with Sentry Guns
  • Kill 10 Mercenaries with Sentry Guns
  • Acquire Cyphered Tablet

Much like for the Bring ‘Em On mission, you’ll need this mission selected for enemies to drop the Cyphered Tablet. This is often dropped more by Mercenaries, and if you miss this drop after completing both objectives, start a new run and go to a Mercenary Encampment. Use the Sentry Gun here to mow down the mercenaries and one should drop the tablet you need!

To kill 20 zombies with the Sentry Gun, is one of the easiest tasks ever. You can place this gun down anywhere you want, and the zombies will typically target you. Use this to kite them around and into the line of fire for the turret to do the rest. Place this next to a safe in the Raid Weapon Stash contract, or at an exfil zone when you call in a helicopter. Alternately, use the Weapon XP Exploit at an Exfil point!

For killing 10 mercenaries with the Sentry Gun, you’ll find they don’t like to rush up to you. Defend Ground Station contracts are fun ways to bring in the mercs. Once you’ve activated the Seismic Reactors, defend the central station from enemy attacks with this Sentry Gun and rack up your kills. Once the last objective is completed, the next targets killed by a Sentry Gun should drop the Cyphered Tablet.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re not finding a Cyphered Tablet, try redeploying and mowing down mercenaries and/or zombies with the Sentry Gun. Mercs should do the trick, but check their bodies for this item to be sure.

- This article was updated on November 29th, 2023

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