MW3 Zombies Nest Wrecker: How to Get a Gas Mask and Destroy an Aether Nest

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies Nest Wrecker Gas Mask Aether Nest
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When playing MW3 Zombies, you’ll find the gas mask serves a new purpose for destroying the Aether Nest locations on your map. This makes them often more expendable and a valuable resource to find in MWZ!

How to Get the Gas Mask to Destroy an Aether Nest in MW3 Zombies

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The simplest way to get a gas mask in MW3 Zombies is to buy one for 1000 Essence at a Buy Station. These shops are scattered across the map and are marked by a shopping cart icon. Additionally, you can find them off mercenary groups during contracts like Aether Extractors.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can also find them randomly as drops such as in Raid Weapon Stash contracts, and they’re not super-rare either. But you’ll find they run out quickly during Aether Nest runs, so be careful!

Can You Keep Gas Masks After Exfil in MWZ?

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You can keep your gas mask if you’ve not used it up, and it’ll be fully reusable next time you go to Urzikstan for a mission. This is handy if you use them sparingly, especially if you’re quick to bust up Aether Nests. Play it smart, and you could keep them for multiple matches.

How Do You Purge Aether Nests in MW3 Zombies?

You simply go inside and destroy the giant yellow cysts often swelling on the interior walls. These take a few shots each, and once you destroy all of them in the nest, the entire area will be safe to explore without your mask, and you’ll get access to special loot!

Can You Destroy an Aether Nest Without a Gas Mask in MW3 Zombies?

You can, technically, but you’ll lose health quickly over time, so know your exits if you try this. If you’re just joining a match and have overly eager teammates, you’ll find yourself roped into these setups more often than you might expect, especially as they’re like mini-strongholds.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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