My Time at Sandrock Romance Guide: All Romance Options Listed

Here are all the romance options in My Time at Sandrock!

by Christian Bognar
All Romance Options in My Time at Sandrock
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You may be trying to romance in My Time at Sandrock but are unsure of who the potential partners are. In this guide, we will cover all the romance options in My Time at Sandrock!

Every Romance Option in My Time at Sandrock

In the grids below, we will cover the romance options for females and males in My Time at Sandrock. Additionally, you will find information about the characters that can help with locating them, as well as learning about their likes, which can help you decide which gifts to give them.

All Female Romance Options in My Time at Sandrock

Character NameInformation/LocationLikes/Gifts
AmirahOwner and operator of Ceramic Gate pottery shop.Ceramic Plates, Sunscreen, Facial Cream.
CatoriManages the Golden Goose arcade in Sandrock. She also runs the town’s musuem.Sunscreen, Bronze Pickhammers, Facial Cream
ElsieDaughter of Cooper the rancher.Basic Sandfish Traps, Bronze Pickhammers, Sandworms, Water
GraceCook at the Blue Moon Saloon.Engines and Power Stones, Water, Data Discs
HeidiOwner of Construction Junction, the location that players can upgrade their home.Water, Bronze Plates, Pickhammers, Axes, Wooden Storage Boxes.
JaneTeach at the school.N/A
Mi-anBuilder in town (the first character players will meet).Bronze Plates, Bronze Axes, Bronze Pickhammers.

All Male Romance Options in My Time at Sandrock

Character NameInformation/LocationLikes/Gifts
ArvioManages the store called By The Stairs.Water
ErnestWriter and journalist.Elegant Sofa, Elegant Sun Umbrella
FangDoctor in Sandrock.Fang Special, Rustic Sofa
JusticeThe captain of the Civil Corps.Bronze Pickhammers, Water
OwenOwner of the SaloonWater
QiThe head of the research station.Power Stones, Egines, Data Discs, Water
UnsuurMember of the Civil Corps.Iron Swords, Iron Shields, Bronze Pickhammers

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How to Romance in My Time at Sandrock

When you first start interacting with a character in My Time at Sandrock, your relationship level will begin at 0. To increase the relationship level, you need to continue to communicate with them and give them gifts. The more you do this, the quicker your relationship level will increase, opening up an opportunity to ask them out on a date. Eventually, you will be able to marry them.

Other ways to increase relationship level is as follows:

  • Daily conversation
  • Playing Critters
  • Complete missions for them
  • Invite them to parties
  • Win a sparring match
  • Invite them on a date

Once you reach 400 friendship points by completing the above activities, you can start dating your romance option. To do this, give them a Heart Knot. You can purchase a Heart Knot at the By The Stairs store for 128g!

Keep in mind that your romance option can reject your offer. If you do get rejected, continue to raise the relationship level between the two of you.

How to Marry Someone in My Time at Sandrock

Players can marry their romance options once they reach around 1,000 for friendship level. Once you reach this milestone, purchase an Engagement Ring from the Mysterious Man for 2,000 G and give it to your romance option. After your candidate accepts your proposal, your ceremony will be held at the Church of Light!

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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