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NBA 2K21 – How to Increase Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical, and Stamina

Build your core stats and boost them with training bonuses.

by William Schwartz


When looking at your My Player you may look at the paltry “Physical” Stats that you start off with and wonder how to raise them. This includes your raw physical abilities:  Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical, and Stamina.  There are a couple of different ways to raise these stats and in this guide we’ll explain how to increase speed, acceleration, strength, vertical, and stamina in NBA 2K21 My Career/ My Player.

Leveling up your My Player, Upgrading Attributes, and Increasing your level cap


To upgrade your speed, acceleration, strength, vertical, and stamina you need to purchase attribute points with VC and you need to collect My Points to Upgrade your attributes cap and get more available upgrades.  As you lift your cap, and purchase new upgrades you will naturally increase all of these five physical traits.

The easiest way to do this is by purchasing VC, obviously.  Since you are limited to a certain number of upgrades until you lift the cap, you will ultimately get into a situation where you don’t have enough VC to fill all upgrades.  If you are grinding My Career the best way to earn VC is by playing your games and going to practice.

Gatorade Boosts and Training Center Workout Boosts


At any point you can get a quick upgrade to these physical stats by heading to the Gatorade Training Facility.  Each week you can get boosts to your physical attributes by doing the training exercises in this game.  To get to the Gatorade Training Facility just head to the Neighborhood and look for the Gatorade Logo.  Head inside this building and there are a bunch of different mini-games that you can do.

Getting these physical attribute boosts can only be done once per 7 days and you only have one chance to do them.  Depending on how you perform in these drills the higher the boosts that you can get for the entire week.

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