NBA 2K24 Timing Stability Explained

Check out everything you need to know about Timing Stability.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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While crafting your own signature jump shot in NBA 2K24, you will be presented with a series of stats, each capable of affecting your shot’s performance in its own way. But although stats like Release Speed and Height are almost self-explanatory, what does Timing Stability represent? Here’s what is Timing Stability in NBA 2K24.

What is Timing Stability in NBA 2K24?

Differently from how Timing Impact worked on 2K23, in NBA 2K24, Timing Stability dictates how much the speed of your jump shot will be affected by fatigue as well as by the presence of defenders.

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As the stat will allow you to keep your shooting rhythm unchanged throughout long games, as well as improve your precision while performing fast breakthroughs, attacking at mid-range, and performing catch-and-shoots while in the 3-pt line, we recommend that you try to get at least a B+ score on it when creating your jump shot.

Does Having a High Timing Stability Stat Increases Your Green Window?

Unfortunately no, having a high overall Timing Stability Stat will not impact your jump shot’s Green Window. But that does not mean it won’t affect your ability to perform perfect releases, as a more stable shooting speed means that once you get into the rhythm, your perfectly timed shooting percentage is bound to increase.

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How to Increase Your Green Window in NBA 2K24

You can increase your green window in NBA 2k24 by turning off your shot meter, as according to Mike Wang (the game’s gameplay director) removing the meter will increase it by 20%. Doing so is only recommended after you master the timing of your jump shot.

This guide was made while playing 2K24 on PS5. 

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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