New World: How to Solve the Accursed Apophis Puzzle

Step-by-step guide for the Accursed Apophis Puzzle

by Christian Bognar


Brimstone Sands update has been a great addition to New World. New scenery to look at, a whole new region, and rare crafting materials can all be found within this vast expansion. In addition, puzzles have been added within this new area, and some are causing more frustration than others. One of the puzzles that seem to be quite confusing is the Accursed Apophis puzzle. With no information handed to the player, getting lost in what you need to do is easy. If you are having trouble completing this puzzle, don’t worry; we will give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to take care of this successfully.

How to Solve the Accursed Apophis Puzzle in New World

First, you will want to start facing the giant sphere with a light source shooting out (shown below). From here, turn around, and walk forward until you reach two machines to interact with. The trick here is to select the correct two symbols. Four options are on each side, meaning many combinations, but only one combination works.







Looking at the machines, you will want to start with the one on the left-hand side. Interact with it and keep going until you reach a symbol that looks like two Xs on top of one another. This should take three clicks. Next, move to the machine to the right and keep clicking until you reach the symbol that looks like one giant X. This should take four clicks.

Once you have the correct symbols on the machine, turn around and walk up to the top of the staircase to the button. This button should have the number 1 above it now, meaning you can now go ahead and interact with it. Click and hold until the animation is over, and there you go. You have officially completed the Accursed Apophis puzzle!

New World has been gaining even more popularity since the expansion was released on October 18, 2022. It can be pretty easy to get lost in the expansive world, especially when it comes to finding rare materials for crafting. Check out our guide on finding Sulfur in New world Brimstone Sands, as these resources will help you tremendously throughout your journey.

New World is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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