How to Get Sulfur in New World

Find Sulfur in the Brimstone Sands Expansion

by Christian Bognar


With the new expansion in New World, there have been new opportunities to get materials from the “Brimstone Sands.” Some resources are easy to find, but Sulfur is on the more challenging end and much more scarce. Specific locations in this new region grant you a higher chance to mine this rare resource, and we are here to help. Read on to discover the exact areas where you can find Sulfur Chunks and how to turn them into plain Sulfur.

How to Get Sulfur in the New World Expansion

Since Sulfur is a resource exclusive to the expansion, you must prioritize Brimstone Sands as your go-to. Sulfur comes in two forms: Sulfur Chunks and just plain Sulfur, which is meant for your crafting needs. Sulfur chunks can be found by mining Brimstone Ore nodes, which require a Mining Level of 130, which is pretty high.

To find Sulfur, you must complete the requirements to access the region without dying instantly. Make sure you complete the two steps below before proceeding with your search for Sulfur.

  • Complete the “A Selfless Nature” main story quest in Endengrove
  • Complete “Strider of the Sands”

Prime Sulfur Chunk Spots

After taking care of those necessities, it is time to go to the proper locations to find Sulfur. After searching throughout the region, we concluded that the areas below have a vast amount of Brimstone Ores for Sulfur Chunks that you can mine for yourself.

  • Baths of Mercury: This location has six bodies of water, each with Brimstone Ore surrounding it. 
  • Soup du Hot Springs: Along the northern pool, there are Brimstone Ore spawns. Farther south, swimming pools also provide Brimstone ores that you can mine.
  • Pools of Orcus – One of the best areas with the highest abundance of Brimstone for your sulfur needs. You can also travel southwest to find even more ore nodes available for you.

Crafting Chunks into Sulfur

Those spots should be your first stop to find Sulfer Chunks in New World. Players can find the resource at different locations, but we found those three to be the most reliable for crafting. Once you find enough, you can bring them all to the Smelter, who will then turn them into Sulfur. You’ll need five Sulfur Chunks to turn them into plain Sulfur, which shouldn’t take too many hours with these locations.

New World is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2022

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