When does New World Brimstone Sands expansion release?

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by J.T. Isenhour


Despite all of its issues New World has persevered through its first year of content and seems to be keeping strong. Not only is the one-year anniversary event of New World coming up, but the first big expansion called Bromstone Sands is planning to release soon. This is a big deal for New World as it will be adding a new weapon type, new abilities for you to use and a whole new area for you and your friends to explore. Let’s go over when you can expect the Brimstone Sands expansion to go live in New World.

When Does Brimstone Sands Release in New World

Although we don’t currently have a set release date for the Brimstone Sands expansion we do know that it will be released sometime in October. However, you can currently experience an early release version of Brimstone Sands now on the PTR servers of New World. This should let you experience most of the new content that will be included with the Brimstone Sands expansion. The only issue is you will need to make a new character on the PTR servers as your current character will not carry over.

Although you will have to start from the beginning, you won’t need to worry about having to redo all of your playtime on a new character, which could be more than you think. Amazon has stated in the Q&A section of the PTR that they will provide playtesters with special accommodations like level boosts and gear. You also don’t need to worry about having to sign up for access to the PTR as anyone that owns New World has access to it. You just need to download a separate client from your Steam library for the New World PTR.

What is Being Added to New World With Brimstone Sands

The Brimstone Sands is going to be the largest content update New World has received since its launch. Not only do players get a whole new area and storyline to go through, but they are also receiving a new weapon type. The Greatsword is finally getting representation in New World bringing with it two styles, Onslaught and Defiance.

Onslaught is the more DPS-oriented tree as it buffs player damage to allow you to kill enemies before they can kill you. While the Defiance tree leans more toward the tank role by allowing you to absorb a lot of damage and then dish it right back out. The Greatsword will fit right in with other tank and martial weapons as it scales with Strength and Dexterity.

The other huge new feature coming with Brimstone Sands is the new Heartgem Abilities. Since its release, players have only had access to six total abilities with three coming from each weapon. The Heartgem will give players access to a new ultimate type ability that they will charge up as they fight. There are currently five Heartgem abilities that are coming with Brimstone Sands:

  • Detonate: Overload yourself with Arcane energy to detonate and deal significant damage. Players can move and attack while the ability is active.

  • Grasping Vines: Punch your hand into the ground to unleash vines around you and root all nearby enemies.

  • Stoneform: Turn yourself to stone and become immune to staggers, knockdowns, stuns, roots and slows. Players can move and attack while this ability is active.

  • Cannon Blast: Whip out a large, handheld cannon and fire a cannonball that explodes on impact for high damage.

  • Dark Ascent: Sprout Corrupted wings and fly up into the air, hover briefly, and then slam back down to the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

You charge up your Heartgem ability by dealing damage, healing allies and taking damage. This means no matter what role you play you will be charging your Heartgem.

There are plenty more changes that will probably be coming with Brimstone Sands and you can be sure we will cover them and the patch notes when they release.

New World is available now on PC.

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