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New World Iron Locations: Where to Find Iron Ore

Where to find Iron Ore in New World.
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New World is the most intriguing experience in the world of MMOs in years and part of the reason is the incredible amount of secrets to uncover. In addition, you have real-time combat that resembles something like Dark Souls more than World of Warcraft, and the different factions that you can join add a layer of depth and competition that isn’t really available in other games like it. There are also various resources that you need to discover as well and one of the most popular is Iron Ore. Here is everything you need to know about finding Iron Ore in New World.

Where to Find Iron Ore in New World

Iron Ore is one of the more important materials you can have in New World. It is acquired by mining at Iron Ore Veins. These are scattered around the map in New World and there are plenty of areas that have them. Usually, you will find Iron Ore Veins around mountainous areas. If you are looking on the map, look or a brown patch and that will clue you in to where the Iron Ore Veins are located.

Most areas in New World will have Iron Ore Veins but keep in mind that these resources are shared throughout the server and that means first come first serve, so if you don’t get to an Iron Ore Vein before another group of players, you might find yourself fresh out. Luckily, the Iron Ore Veins return after 15 minutes or so, but the wait is quite annoying, so it’s better to know where to find it first.


Everfall and First Light are two of the most plentiful areas to find Iron Ore Veins, though with that status comes the overwhelming amount of players fighting for their Iron Ore. But, what is all of the fuss over with Iron Ore? Why is it so important in New World?

How to Use Iron Ore

Iron Ore is incredibly important because at a smelter, you can turn 4 pieces of Iron Ore into an Iron Ingot and once you’ve got a hold of those, you can start forging basic iron weapons, armor, and an assortment of tools. Your smelting skill level will improve eventually to level 50 and once you’re there, the iron ingots can be turned into steel ingots which gives you the ability to craft better gear.

In order to best utilize Iron Ore, set out to hoard as much as you can on a single trip and then craft what you need from there. Try and figure out the times of day when the least amount of players will be prevalent so you can be sure you’ll get a ton of Iron Ore without having to worry about others draining the supply.

New World is a great spin on the typical MMO and it should be a new landmark in the genre for how many new ideas it brings to the table while keeping the spirit of MMOs alive and well.

New World is available now for PC.

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