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New World Petrified Wood Location: Where to Find Petrified Wood in New World

Where can you find Petrified Wood in New World?
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Tons of players have been jumping into Amazon’s New World this week, but many people are having trouble finding a resource called Petrified Wood. Crafting and gathering are huge parts of this MMO, and so players will spend a lot of their time foraging for supplies and harvesting raw materials like stone, wood, and metal ore. For some reason, Petrified Wood seems to be nearly impossible to find, which doesn’t make much sense given how common the resource is supposed to be. Here’s how to find Petrified Wood in New World.

Where to Find Petrified Wood in New World in New World

Petrified Wood can be obtained from young and mature trees scattered across the island of Aeternum. To harvest wood from trees, simply equip a logging axe, find a suitable tree, and press the E key to begin logging. That being said, Petrified Wood is rare drop, so it could take some time before you get lucky and find some. The drop rate is ridiculously low at the moment, and some players have reportedly been chopping trees for hours and walking away without a single piece of Petrified Wood.


In the meantime, the best way to improve your chances of finding Petrified Wood is to increase your character’s Logging skill level and find gear that increases your Logging Luck. The New World community is still working out the details about Luck and other stats’ relation to item drop rates, but it appears that the base drop rate for rare materials is well under 1% if you don’t have any gear that boosts your Luck stat. The drop rate is still super low even with the right equipment though, so it could take a long time before you find the resources you need.

Some players are also speculating that the rare drop rates could be bugged at the moment. Players were reporting issues with rare materials like Petrified Wood and Fae Iron during the New World beta, and that wasn’t too long ago. Amazon Games could change the drop rates for rare materials and resources in an upcoming patch, so stay tuned for future New World updates.


As it stands right now though, don’t expect these materials to become common overnight. Crafting and gathering are core components of New World, and these rare materials will likely still remain incredibly rare even after patches. Still, it wouldn’t hurt for Amazon Games to buff the drop rates at least a little bit.

New World is available now on PC.

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