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New World Level Cap: What is the Max Level in New World?

Are you planning to reach the max level in New World?
New World characters standing in front of a serene vista

New World has recently launched to players across the globe with already over seven hundred thousand concurrent players on Steam and close to a million concurrent viewers on Twitch following on from that. The MMO is taking the gaming world by storm and you may be wanting to dive into the experience as soon as possible. New World has an abundance of content for players to delightfully enjoy and throughout your great adventures through the land, you will be gaining experience points and levelling up. This guide will inform you of what the New World max level cap is that you and your partners can reach in this expansive open-world experience.

The New World Max Level Cap

Players will be thrilled to know that there is a high level cap to work their way towards, the max level at the moment is currently level 60. It has been reported that it can take around two hundred hours with a fresh new game to reach the level 60 set limit. Once racing the highest attainable level, you will have access to all of the end-game content that fans will eagerly strive towards.

How to Reach Level 60

There is a multitude of ways to level up that you can indulge yourself in to be able to reach the max level faster. However, you will likely want to take some time to enjoy the experience as a whole. Story quests will net you considerable experience points and give you a starting boost to the ‘XP’ you earn, then moving onto the diverse array of sidequests will give you further propulsion to your levelling journey while venturing through the breathtaking island.

However, the amount of XP you earn is based on the difficulty level of the quest, the more dedication it requires, the more rewards you’ll rightly so reap. Players can also undertake ‘expeditions’ New World’s own version of dungeons for a significant challenge to take on among many other avenues for reaching that level 60 mark.

Most importantly, enjoy your time in New World, a number attached to a level is something great to look back on, but also remember to look back on the memories you will likely create while playing through this latest MMO experience.

New World is available now on PC.

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