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Nioh 2 – How to Switch Stances

Stance-dancing to victory.

by Brandon Adams


One of the things that sets Nioh 2 apart from its peers is the ability to switch stances in combat, giving each of the nine weapons three different sets of combos to use. Each stance comes with certain benefits and drawbacks, but swapping them can be done easily in the middle of a fight.

To switch stances in Nioh 2 use R1 and one of the face buttons.

If you wish to switch stances in Nioh 2 it is as simple as holding down the R1 button and pressing one of four face buttons. Triangle will place you in High Stance, which is the heavy hitter that consumes a wealth of Ki (Nioh 2’s form of stamina). Square will settle you into Medium Stance, which focuses on moderate hits and more efficient blocking. Cross will put you in Low Stance, and it features low damage rapid attacks and better dodging capabilities.

You can switch stances in time with Ki Pulses to recuperate lost Ki (much like weapon switching), and doing so allows you to press the attack longer than if you had backed off. There are even skills in each weapon tree and the Samurai skill tree that will increase the Ki restored, apply a buff, and more if you execute a perfect Ki Pulse when switching stances.

That’s how to switch stances in Nioh 2. Use this unique feature to dominate your foes and pull victory from Death’s cold embrace.

- This article was updated on:March 18th, 2020

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