No More Heroes 3: How to Eat Sushi

Chow down during the beat down.

by Andron Smith

Learning how to eat sushi will keep Travis nice and healthy during battle as well as provide some great buffs. The game teaches you how to get sushi from Bugzaburo pretty early on but it’s not so clear how to actually consume the Eastern meal when not dining in. No More Heroes 3‘s combat is front and center and sushi can be just as important to success as knowing how to perfect dodge or execute wrestling moves. Here’s everything we know on how to eat sushi in No More Heroes 3.

How to Eat Sushi in No More Heroes 3

To eat sushi in No More Heroes 3, you’ll need to first purchase them from Bugzaburo then, only during combat, use the left and right buttons on the d-pad to select it then use the up arrow to eat it. Once consumed, the effect will activate and the sushi you have selected will be greyed out from use. See below for the different types of sushi in the game, their cost, and their effects!

A Little Bit of Rice, A Little Bit of Fish

In addition to making awesome sushi, Bugzaburo has probably the best music in the game. While you can eat in for effects that last a period of time, the ones you can manually eat during battle are considered takeout. See below for what each of his jamming takeout sushi can do.

  • Maguro (500 UC) – Restores health
  • Kappa Maki (300 UC) – Restores beam Katana Power
  • Tamago (400 UC) – Increases tension
  • Ikura (500 UC) – Increases attack power for a brief period of time
  • Ebi (400 UC) – Restores Death Glove abilities that are in cooldown
  • Futomaki (210 UC) – Improves the Slash Reel (slot machine following a killer slash) chances

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!

- This article was updated on August 27th, 2021