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Oninaki: How To Change Difficulty

If things are getting too easy or too hard, change your difficulty.

by Dean James


Oninaki offers three different difficulties for you to choose from at the start, which we broke down in another guide explaining which might be the best for you. Most RPGs lock you in to a specific difficulty once it is chosen, but Oninaki actually allows you to change the difficulty after the fact if you so choose. This guide will explain just how you can do that later in the game.

How to Change Difficulty in Oninaki

When you first start Oninaki, the three choices you will have to choose from are Casual, Normal, and Maniac. We won’t be discussing the breakdown of the three difficulties in this guide, but rather just how to switch between them.

If you’re playing the game and start feeling that the difficulty you have chosen is a little too easy or too hard, you can change this relatively easily. You may think this would be an option in the menu outright, but there is one additional requirement for you to be able to adjust it.

To change the difficulty, you must be at one of two places, either a save station or the world map. When you are at a save station, simply interact with it and scroll up past the menu options for things like Daemons and Items to get to Difficulty. If you are on the world map, you will have to press start to open the menu first. Simply click Difficulty and you can simply change between the three difficulties as many times as you would like.

- This article was updated on:August 21st, 2019

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